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New Additional Licensing Scheme In Haringey

Haringey To Run New Additional HMO Licensing Scheme A new borough-wide Additional HMO licensing scheme in Haringey was approved by the Cabinet in February 2019. The scheme will to come into force on 27th May 2019 and requires all HMOs within Haringey, that do not meet the Mandatory licensing criteria, to be licensed. This new [...]

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Testing Hammersmith and Fulham application systems

Hammersmith and Fulham launch their online application system On Thursday the 25th of May, John and I went into Hammersmith and Fulham council offices to test out their application system. The applications opened on Monday the 5th of June, the same day their additional and selective scheme began running. So what did we find out at [...]

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National HMO Network Conference

Last week John and I were very pleased to attend a conference held by National HMO Network at the London Fire Brigade Headquarters for their biannual conference. The line-up of guest speakers was great and included Nick Coombe from the Fire Safety Team at the London Fire Brigade, Andrew Boff - deputy chair of housing [...]

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Hammersmith and Fulham Additional Licensing Scheme

Additional HMO Licence Scheme In an aim to increase standards and control the quality of privately available rented accommodation in the district, Hammersmith and Fulham are introducing an additional licensing scheme for HMOs in the area. The scheme will come into affect on the 5th of June - the date when we are expecting applications [...]

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Civil Penalties Introduced

Civil Penalties show degree to which government is keen to increase control in the private rented sector. The introduction of Civil Penalties on Thursday the 6th of April 2017 is a good indication of the strengthening of local authority powers to tackle ‘rogue landlords’ currently taking place. As set out in the Housing and Planning [...]

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Landlord Database will be introduced this year

Plans for Landlord Database for HMOs fully underway The landlord database will store the information of landlords who have failed to comply to HMO regulations. Lord Bourne, the undersecretary of state for communities and local governments, revealed that an official database of bad landlords and lettings agents will be launched in October 1st 2017. Despite the launch of the [...]

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Changes to HMO Legislation are coming, make sure you are informed!

Existing HMO rules to change this year HMO licensing currently encompasses 60,000 homes in England. The proposed changes to legislation will mean that a further 170,000 shared homes will be required to obtain a license. This license can only be obtained once the property owner has fulfilled all the requirements of their Local Authority. The [...]

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