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HMO Licensing 

If your property meets the definition for an HMO it may require an HMO licence.

There are two specific HMO licensing schemes in England and Wales:

  1. Mandatory licensing – this is a nationwide scheme, please click here for further information
  2. Additional licensing (including S257) – this is a council specific scheme, please click here for further information

It is important to note that while Selective licensing schemes are not specific to HMOs, HMOs may require a licence under a Selective licensing scheme depending on it’s criteria. Click here for more information.

There are a number of HMO exemptions to the Mandatory licensing regulations. Please click here for further information or contact us on 020 3848 2200.

Every council has it’s own HMO register available to the public, this allows anyone to carry out a HMO licence check on a specific property to determine whether it has the required licence or not. Tenants are starting to do this as if the property they occupy does not have the required licence they can file for up to 12 months rent repayment under the Rent Repayment Order (2004), click here for more information.

The HMO licence application process can be complex and lengthy, for help getting an HMO licence please contact us on 020 3848 2200 or send an email to

Would you like to know more? For HMO licensing support book your free consultation call today!

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