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Hammersmith and Fulham Additional Licensing Scheme

Additional HMO Licence Scheme In an aim to increase standards and control the quality of privately available rented accommodation in the district, Hammersmith and Fulham are introducing an additional licensing scheme for HMOs in the area. The scheme will come into affect on the 5th of June - the date when we are expecting applications [...]

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Civil Penalties Introduced

Civil Penalties show degree to which government is keen to increase control in the private rented sector. The introduction of Civil Penalties on Thursday the 6th of April 2017 is a good indication of the strengthening of local authority powers to tackle ‘rogue landlords’ currently taking place. As set out in the Housing and Planning [...]

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HMOs Debates, Discussion and Developments. Part One: HMOs created

Part one: HMOs created HMO legislation has been a hot topic in parliamentary discussion over the past year or two with more changes arriving during these last then during its entire existence. This series intends to trace the movements and developments of HMO licensing in parliaments and popular discussion. When were HMOs initially introduced? The [...]

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Types of Licensing

Mandatory Licence, Additional Licence or Selective Licence: what's the difference? There are currently three distinct types of property licences being issued by local authorities in the UK. They differ depending on the size and intended use of the rental property. In brief, mandatory licensing is for houses that operate under the normal HMO defining criteria [...]

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