Achieve HMO compliance simply and swiftly     

HMO Services helps you navigate the confusion of property licensing and planning. Our team of dedicated and qualified professionals will work tirelessly to prepare and submit your application. Get the certification that you need to start earning money from your property with the specialist support of our experienced team.

Remove the obstacles to earning money from your property

Let us review your property to help you to achieve greater rental revenue. Or if you’ve hit a roadblock in the process, we can help you through it with our thorough understanding of local rules and national law.

We know what your local council wants and we help you to provide it.

Our services cover the full spectrum of property compliance and include:

  • Property licensing support
  • HMO planning support
  • HMO design
  • Residential specific Fire Safety Risk Assessments

We’ve got you covered

We offer comprehensive packages of HMO licensing support, tailored to your requirements, that will take you through every step of the process.

Trusted by:

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LDB Lettings
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