HMO Services London is a small dedicated team, with an impressively broad base of experience and industry knowledge.

John Piper
John PiperM.D.
John initially worked as a Control Systems engineer specialising in industrial fire prevention and emergency shutdown systems, before moving into residential property development in 2013. HMO Services London was founded in 2016 with Paul Conway using a culmination of experience from the Engineering and Property sectors.
Paul Conway
Paul ConwayM.D.
Also from an Engineering background, Paul worked for Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions and specialises in fire safety system compliance. Paul is responsible for the construction works side of the business and assists clients with any upgrade work they are undertaking.
Craig Waters
Craig WatersChief Compliance Officer
As the friendly face of our property inspections, Craig measures each properties compliance to fire safety and local authority standards. Get in touch with Craig to organise a Fire Safety Risk Assessment of your property.
Romy Hobson
Romy HobsonChief Happiness Officer
With a background in Sociology, technology and startups, Romy is responsible for ensuring that we are running at maximum efficiency across the business. Which, in short, means ensuring our clients, partners, contractors and team are as happy as possible.
Izzi Cocker
Izzi CockerHead of Applications
As well as making sure that every license application is perfect before submission, Izzi has a varied role ensuring the smooth operation of business. If you would like to know more about council requirements and what is needed for a licence application, get in touch.
Charles DelevigneConsultant
After spending his early career as a partner with prominent estate agencies, in 1981 he founded Harvey White Properties Limited, a substantial private commercial property investment company. Appointed a Consultant of HMO Services London in March 2017.


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